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At 15ten15, we’re dedicated to personal development, both at work and at home. We’re a Leeds based recruitment agency which does more. We recruit jobs in Leeds, Yorkshire & the wider UK . We also offer support for finding the motivation and inspiration which you need to achieve the personal goals that are important to you away from work.

If you’re starting a job search, or interested in how to find that next step in your career, then great! We’re here to  help with a bunch of amazing opportunities. 

If you’re wondering how you start your journey for health, fitness, wellbeing, travel or any other passion of yours, we’re also equipped to help you here! Through visiting our LIFE page and following us on social media, you will be able to view our; hints, tips and advice on how to fit those goals around your work-life. 

How we help.

We’re a recruitment partner you can trust throughout your job search, whatever stage you’re at. 

By working with some of the UK’s most exciting brands, we can help to find the right opportunity for your career development.

We give your business access to the best  recruitment technology available in today’s market. 

We also combine this with over 50 years of recruitment experience and core business values which revolve around great customer service. 

We’re passionate about life and recognise that there’s far more to it than simply going to work. 

Our community is dedicated to finding the motivation and inspiration to pursue what is important to each of us away from work.




We believe in goal setting and achievement.

Working on self-development and self-improvement - whether in your personal or your professional life - leads to increased health, wellbeing & personal happiness.


The leading recruitment technology should not be restricted to the top corporate companies.

SME recruitment should have the same capabilities and job seekers searching for SMEs should get the same great experience.


When working with a recruitment agency, you should know exactly what is happening at all times. Whether you are a job seeker or a hiring manager, we commit to proving 24/7 real-time updates for your job search or job vacancies.

wherever your journey takes you.

Be inspired outside of the office. View our 15ten15 Life blog where you’ll find a load of ideas on how you can achieve your own personal goals. 

Whether you’re looking for motivation to travel the world or run a marathon, everyone has to start somewhere. Our community provides personal advice and experiences to help get you on your way. 

An honest approach for
your next job.

There is a stigma attached to recruitment and it’s an unfortunate truth that in most cases this is justified. 

We created 15ten15 because the needs of Job Seekers and Hiring Managers should come first. The world is tired of Smoke & Mirror recruitment cowboys with inflating fees. We’re now ready for a fair, honest & transparent service again. 

We offer a full the recruitment solution, with more; engaging with our network beyond the categories of ‘CV’ or ‘Invoice’ and instead putting forward real added-value and helping to make the right placements for everyone. 

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