15ten15 create candidate rebate period

In an attempt to increase levels of candidate service to where they should be in the industry, we are now introducing a rebate – or refund - period for candidates who are placed in a job via our agency, but whose placement does not work out for whatever reason. Continue reading below ...

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15ten15 create candidate rebate period

The Recruitment Sector is an industry where service levels should be equally matched between clients and candidates. As a recruiter, we hold a social responsibility for delivering what is best for the job seeker as much as the hiring manager. Unfortunately, a trend which has been continually rising within our industry is one where recruiters become fixated on making bonus – so much so, that the job seeker simply becomes a means to an end.

Common practice within recruitment, is to provide a client with a rebate period. What this entails, is a period of time where if the placement of a candidate is not successful, the client will get a proportion of the fee paid to the recruiter back in the form of a refund. Unfortunately, we are yet to come across an example where the candidate receives any form of compensation for their inconvenience – after all, the end result may not be the candidates fault in the slightest.

For example, whilst we obviously endeavour to make long-standing placements on every piece of recruitment we’re involved in, there are occasionally instances where things don’t work out for reasons that are not down to the candidate’s own performance, typical cases like this include but are not limited to;

  • Roles not being what was promised by the employer
  • Business performance decreasing after joining and loss of job
  • Change of family circumstances making the job unsustainable for you

We feel that there should be some level of acknowledgement from the recruitment agency involved in getting you the job. It is for this reason that we are creating our 15ten15 candidate rebate period as a gesture to those job seekers where things don’t work out.

If you are a candidate with 15ten15 and you are placed in a job by one of our team where this situation occurs, we are making a corporate promise to extend our 15ten15 candidate rebate to you.

We are offering a rebate up to the value of £500.00 for each 15ten15 candidate who finds themselves in this situation.* Whilst we understand that this won’t make up for the pain of the circumstance you find yourself in, we hope it goes someway of showing how highly we regards our candidate experience and take onboard our social responsibility as your recruitment representative.

*Individual rebate value depends on a series of criteria – specified in our Terms of Business – each rebate will be treat on a case by case situation.

To register as a candidate with 15ten15, please visit 15ten15 recruit.


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