Stop checking the “NEGATIVE” news!

Stop checking for the negative news!!!

Have you ever found yourself procrastinating over moving forwards whilst actually waiting for bad news!! Waiting for the email, the call!! I certainly have! When you are up against it sometimes, what ever it may be, you can become success blind. You just cant see past your current problems, the current issues that at that moment in time seem taking up all your energy. You know what, in 99% of the cases, its never as bad as you allow your mind to tell you it is. And if it is bad!! Its the past, its already happened and now is now and now is the time to step forwards and move on.

Clear your mind of all that could possibly go wrong and get back to the Why? What were you trying to achieve and Why? If it means that much to you, there will be a way, there will be an answer that will help you find a way through. Its taken me many years, in all honesty, to get here but I can now accept that not all goes well and I can quickly release those negative and restrictive thoughts and keep moving forwards, keep believing and most of all keep living not worrying.

Oh! And obviously - Keep Running!!! Just saying, that's all....

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Time To Switch Off?

People in the professional world have most likely felt the obligation to check their phones or emails outside of the ‘traditional’ working hours of 9 till 5. With wider access to internet and increasingly mobile working circumstances, this seems only set to rise. The question we want to ask is whether it is fair of an employer to take this activity for granted and what effect in can have on an employee's work-life balance. Continue reading below …

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15ten15 create candidate rebate period

In an attempt to increase levels of candidate service to where they should be in the industry, we are now introducing a rebate – or refund - period for candidates who are placed in a job via our agency, but whose placement does not work out for whatever reason. Continue reading below ...

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