Are you training your mind?

Are you training your mind!! Health and Fitness is big in the professional world now. Lots and lots of chat around people working on their health getting fitter, all to help them have a better life and do their jobs better. But!!! Are you training your mind? Do you set time aside to develop your mind, your thinking, you ability to achieve more and change? Youtube!! Brilliant!!. I wanted to listen to and watch stories of achievement and Youtube is perfect. My favourite at the moment is Goggins (NOTE - Please do not watch if offended by bad language) His story is amazing and is one of many who's stories of challenge and overcoming are a fantastic way of gaining inspiration from others. Time!! Yes you have time - I do all my Youtube in a morning after a training session when stretching out. If you watch the News/read newspapaers - you have time - just swap them for Youtube. So many people I talk to now about fitness come up against the "momentum" problem. After a spell of training the initial excitement and energy goes and they slip back into old ways. You need to constantly be topping up your mind with positive, inspirational stories and listening to people who have been through challenge but can show there is a way to get to the other side. Just saying, thats all.....

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