Gym Session #1 – put your back into it

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Gym Session #1 – put your back into it

Quick workout for someone pressed with time – ideal for fitting in a workout around your job, either before, after or during your working day! Making sure these exercises are completed within 30 minutes will further activate the fat burning process, and incorporating weighted exercise will aid muscle toning.


Workout Style:        Circuit, Fat Burn

Areas engaged:       Back, Shoulders, and Core

Difficulty:                Moderate

Target time:           30 minutes


Circuit 1 (x4)– 10 deadlifts, 12 burpees, 10 press ups 

  1. Deadlifts – Compound exercise, activates multiple muscles at once – great to start with to really warm up and engage the big muscle groups.
  2. Burpees – another great one to start with, really gets the heart rate up and blood flowing to all the major muscle groups
  3. Press ups – always good to include body weight exercises into any workout for strength purposes


Circuit 2 (x4)– bent over row, shoulder flys, 1 min plank

  1. Rows – another great compound exercise focusing on the larger back muscles – technique is key for this one.
  2. Shoulder Flys – good exercise to isolate the larger of the shoulder muscles. Working this area the muscle will fatigue easily so don’t try and go too heavy!
  3. Plank – engages the whole of the abdominal area – focusing on squeezing your abs as much as possible during this exercise really helps.


Circuit 3 (x4) – Barbell shoulder press, forward plate raise, walking plank

  1. Barbell shoulder press – Another great shoulder exercise but this one allows you to add some more weight! When you start to fatigue bend your knees and use the momentum on your way back up as you push of get them extra 5 reps out – they are the ones that count!
  2. Forward plate raise – This really engages with the smaller shoulder muscles that you don’t use that often. After the shoulder presses you will really feel this one, it is important you bring the plate above your chest height as that is when the muscles really become engaged. On bring the plate back down try and do this as slowly as you can, between 5-8 seconds.
  3. Walking plank – (normal plank position bring yourself up and down from your elbows to your hands) this is a tough one – the more your hips move from side to side the harder it will be. This one works your oblique muscles as you’re to prevent you’re your body from twisting.


As little rest as possible between sets.


For more workout ideas and new ideas on how to fit them in around your job, make sure to follow @15ten15 on our Social Media pages.

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