Removing The Mask

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Removing The Mask


That is what I have eventually decided to name the book. The decision will it go to print or just be an audio download is still up for debate. What is clear is that writing a book is one of the most interesting challenges I have ever taken on. Without doubt it makes me think, it makes me consider the decisions I have made in life so far.

The reason for the book is that I want it to be part of a series of publications based around achievement/motivation and goal setting for the normal individual who has all the issues of day to day life/family/work.

The last 2 years have certainly seen the biggest change in my adult life and I can honestly say that now I look back, and think what would have happened if I had not made those big decisions to change my lifestyle. The biggest issue I had to deal with was how I saw myself. On the outside “The mask!” was one of a guy in control, a man who was confident, balanced and motivated.

I can assure you now that I have really challenged myself. The “Mask” covered many issues and the main one was my lack of “self-worth” My own self talk was often very negative and I really needed to make that my main priority and create a new habit based around a much more positive self vision in starting the change.

Over the last 2 years I have spent endless hours on YouTube watching as many videos as possible based around self-development and also watching interviews of individuals who have taken control of their futures in a wide range of arenas. What is very clear is that the control of your own self talk is absolutely vital if you really want to go on and achieve your best. Positive self-talk leads on to positive visualisation of the future and building a picture of what you want you and your future to be.

2 years in and I am now a serious Ultra runner/Triathlete and I have taken that skill I have learnt in the personal self-talk into my running/competing and into coaching sessions. It is both amazing and fantastic to work with people and see the change in confidence and then the following results in many areas of life.

I know that Self talk/Visualisation is still one that is not openly accepted in business and that there is still a long way to go in our educational system to try and get the whole concept on positive thinking and visualisation into the mainstream. However, from a personal perspective as someone who has followed the motivational sector for many years and has now really embraced its potential, I can honestly say that my life is better in every single way because of this practice

One of my planned books is all based around my interviews with some of the worlds most inspirational people and I already have some brilliant content. If you are, know of someone who you believe can be part of that project please do contact me. Also if you are interested in talking about potential coaching from a motivation angle please also feel free to make direct contact.

Cliff Sewell 07931 371 168


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