Stress Awareness Month – Exercise

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Stress Awareness Month – Exercise


We have previously discussed on the issue of stress-relief management how by being mindful and managing your workload can help to relieve your body of stress caused in the workplace and in your day-to-day life. We encourage you to motivate yourself to get up and be active to benefit your body and mind’s wellbeing.


Some form of exercise throughout your day is a great way to release stress and promote positivity. Conducting exercise will help give you an energy boost while releasing tension as exercise is proven to use stress hormones which can build up in our bodies over time.


Early Riser

If you’re more of a morning person try starting your day with a swim or taking a class before you head to the office. By getting out of bed and active in the morning before your working day starts it will ensure you aren’t left feeling sluggish upon arrival at the office and you will be ready to tackle the day head on.

Afternoon Break

Making the most of your lunch hour and nipping to the gym during it will allow you to break up your day and keep your motivated throughout the afternoon until your day is finished. When possible prepare your lunch the previous evening and bring it to the office with you so that you can maximise your time effectively and avoid wasting your lunch break going to and from the nearest supermarket for something to eat. As well as being cost effective you will then be able to spend your lunch at a nearby gym to release any strain you may have built up from a stressful morning.

Night Owl

If you are unable to take yourself away from the office for too long during the day or simply don’t like visiting the gym you can always release some endorphins in the evening before bed. Taking the time in an evening to go for a jog or even completing a yoga session at home will ensure you forget the struggles that have faced you throughout the day and let your mind relax. A huge benefit of this means your mind will switch-off and you should be able to enjoy a better night’s sleep at the end of the day after releasing some built-up stress.


What time of day do you enjoy most for exercising? Do you feel any difference depending on what part of that day it is? You can share your thoughts across our social media platforms or on our online community at 15ten15 Life.

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