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Time To Switch Off?

People in the professional world have most likely felt the obligation to check their phones or emails outside of the ‘traditional’ working hours of 9 till 5. With wider access to internet and increasingly mobile working circumstances, this seems only set to rise. The question we want to ask is whether it is fair of an employer to take this activity for granted and what effect in can have on an employee's work-life balance. Continue reading below …

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Time To Switch Off?

We have all been there … wake up in the morning and check your emails … before you go to bed, quickly check there isn’t anything else … 

Within the past 20 years there has been a huge shift in working culture and more specifically working culture outside of the office / standard office hours. With the availability of mobile phones and domestic internet people were able to communicate with clients / customers / managers / employees outside of the office in a much more direct manner than ever before. 

The world is now seeing the next step in this development – increasing availability and access to internet when on the move. It is now standard to see cafe’s, shops, modes of transport and even City Centre’s providing WiFi access and allowing us to connect with our jobs when out and about. 

At 15ten15, we’re interested in understanding the work-life balance effects of all this. There are arguments for and against … flexibility vs. overexposure. 

There is an argument that this increased connectivity allows for flexibility in working habits. People can now communicate remotely – while on the train home or picking their children up from school. This potentially has a great benefit to working families or people who just have somewhere to be / a long commute into and out of the office. It does however run the risk of increased stress also as people cannot ‘escape’ from work. We think it is fair to say that – depending upon your job – there is an expectation that you will be contactable outside of working hours, e.g. if you work in Sales and a client calls at 8pm to discuss a deal. 

The grey area of ‘at work’ vs ‘at home’ is only becoming more opaque. We think it is vital for employers and employees to understand the peripherals to which they are working to and have this set out from the start. The negative effects of overworking staff have been proven to far outweigh the potential gain – from both a ‘work’ perspective and ‘personal’. 

What are you doing in your business to make sure this line is not crossed?

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