Who Dares Wins – Our 15ten15 Vision for Modern Recruitment 

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Who Dares Wins – Our 15ten15 Vision for Modern Recruitment 

At 15ten15 we’re not content with the current state of the Recruitment Sector. We think that the market has become lazy and that clients are being increasingly overcharged alongside an increasing lack of service on a day-by-day basis. 

We set up 15ten15 as an alternative to this, an efficient process offered at a significantly lower rate than the rest of the sector. In the past few months we have started to feel the wrath of the industry and are becoming increasingly criticised by our ‘peers’ for just driving the price down. The ‘Old School’ claim you can’t reduce the cost of your recruitment service without taking a direct hit on the quality of service provided, but we do not believe this is the case. Or at least we would say it is only true within an organisation which does not run as efficiently as ourselves.

Yes. Let’s be open, we are driving the cost down within transactional recruitment, but only to what we feel is a price which reflects and rebalances where the market should be with today’s technology. We are leading the transactional space – below the £50k spot – by recruiting as standard at 10% and in some cases working on retained monthly agreements at 7% or 8%. 

To be clear, this is not an attempt to win business wherever we can but rather a re-assessment of how quickly we can function and a deliberate attempt to move away from the high commission culture which we believe has been at the core of the industry’s growing decline in service levels. 

We believe it’s time for playing fields to even out and we’re happy to give a brief summary of how we can do this and still offer even higher levels of service at these price points. It’s about who “Dares” … 



Digital – The core of our business is built around digital interaction. Whilst we still use traditional methods, we ensure we’re utilising the most modern technology available and placing huge focus on candidate attraction through digital and social platforms.


Automation – Yes, we know that we are in a ‘people’ business, but in today’s world you cannot avoid being automated if you want to be efficient. We run off an industry-leading recruitment platform that incorporates the most powerful enterprise technology. Every person involved the process also has their own login so even communication as to how the work is going is streamlined. 


Reoccurring – This is the key. By growing long term agreements valued client relationships, we can actually focus on service and delivery rather than constantly chasing the ‘next fee’ and forgetting to provide a good experience. 


Evergreen – Our job market is always alive, we are always in communication with candidates and we are always putting the two together. Because we’re always active, we can budget and plan our strategy over a much longer time frame – escaping the feast & famine (take the fee while you can) mentality of many ‘traditional’ recruiters.


Scalable – Because our business is built in a controlled and positive manner, we’re able to dedicate the necessary time to have a deeper impact throughout our digital platforms which will build our active and relevant candidate following across the UK – 1 Million active contacts is the goal … for starters. 


We welcome every thought, query or comment! Get in touch at and we would be delighted to talk through in more detail. You can also arrange for a live demo of our recruitment platform through the same email address (recommended). 

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