Why you should start walking!

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Why you should start walking!

As the evenings get lighter, and we shift towards summer we may find ourselves feeling more energised after work and wanting to get out and about in our surroundings of an evening and over the weekend. By getting out and being active we can truly appreciate and explore our local communities.

You may not be aware but May was National Walking Month and so we’re now well into the perfect opportunity to get out and get yourself started! Getting Walking has a serious amount of benefits too;

  • It reduces levels of bad cholesterol in the body
  • It helps you lose weight
  • It is great to combat against stress, anxiety and depression levels

A recommended 30 minutes of brisk walking per day is estimated to get the most out of walking and doing 30 minutes each day can reduce the likelihood of stroke by 27% and so this is shows how something as simple as walking can really have lasting benefits for the health of your body and mind.


Healthy competition with inKin

We here at 15ten15 have recently discovered an app available on Apple and Android called inKin which can help you reach your target of getting out and walking. There is the ability to accept daily challenges to reach a certain amount of steps and there is the possibility to connect with other users, such as friends and colleagues or with people from across the globe.

There is even the additional feature for a chance to ‘duel’ for 24 hours with a user you can compete to complete the most steps, by adding a bit of healthy competition to our office this month we have decided to install the app to see which of us is able to get out and be most active throughout the month.



For more ideas on how to get started with exercise – in or out of work – make sure to follow @15ten15 through any of our Social Media pages.

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